Requesting Reviews and Surveys

Requesting reviews/surveys has never been easier! We have standardized the review process which makes it quick and easy to request reviews and allows you to get more online reviews in more places!

  • Enter your customer/clients name and email into the form from ANYWHERE.
  • Choose from your options or sending a 5 star review or a customized survey from the drop down.
  • Click Send and we take it from there!

Once the review request is sent to the client they will be able to rate you. If they think you are amazing and reflect that by giving your 4 or 5 stars then they will be directed to a selection of online review sites to post a review for everyone to see!

Completely Customizable Survey System

Our fully customizable survey application will help you monitor how clients feel about the job done. Create surveys to see how you, your employees and contractors are performing. Our application makes is simple to create completely customized surveys or you can use some of our sample templates that are already done.

  • Go to the Surveys Tab and click on create new survey.
  • Add text to your survey letting your clients know what the survey is about.
  • Choose your questions and save your survey.

It’s that easy! Now your survey is ready to be used!

Reporting and Statistics

Effectively monitor and track client feedback. Our unique system pulls all the reviews from the online sources so you can see them all in one place. You can look at stats at a glance in your dashboard or dig deeper with very detailed statistics and reporting in the Reports tab. Utilizing our survey system will give your clients the ability to give you very specific information about their experience that you can use to provide the best coaching and training. By knowing the areas that need improvement this will ensure that you, your employees and your contractors are performing at their best. Our robust reporting allows you to identify those clients that will give you raving reviews so you are sending review requests to the people that will give you the best testimonials to make sure you have the best online reputation.